Steven Tabban, the director and founder of Create Real Estate in Sunshine, has always been deeply committed to his community. Looking back at a past article, we explore Tabban‘s journey as a real estate agent and his involvement in the Brimbank City Council election. With a tireless work ethic and a genuine love for his area, Tabban‘s dedication to his real estate career and community shines through.

A Unique Start in Real Estate:

Tabban‘s entry into the real estate industry took an unconventional path. After completing his studies, he initially pursued a degree in business. However, his interest in real estate led him to volunteer and work for free, despite facing initial rejections. Tabban‘s determination paid off, propelling him to become the top listing agent in his second year. Fueled by his ambition, Tabban went on to establish Create Real Estate, a thriving agency that prides itself on exceptional service and community engagement.

A Heart for Community:

For Tabban, being a real estate agent is more than just closing deals; it’s about actively participating in the community. He understands that a successful agent must embrace a lifestyle that goes beyond the nine-to-five workday. Throughout his career, Tabban has lent support to local sports clubs, collaborated with fellow businesses, and advocated for Sunshine as a vibrant place to call home. His involvement in community initiatives and dedication to creating a strong local network set him apart as a true community leader.

Running for Council:

Looking back at his past, Tabban once ran for the Brimbank City Council. Recognising the importance of being deeply connected to the community, he sought to make a positive impact in the area he holds dear. Tabban‘s decision to pursue council membership stemmed from his belief that being a real estate agent and a council member align perfectly—a testament to his unwavering commitment to community service. Although his council run occurred in the past, it serves as a reminder of his ongoing dedication to serving the community.

An Active Lifestyle:

Beyond his professional endeavours, Tabban embraces an active lifestyle that reflects his vibrant personality. When not engaged in real estate or community activities, you can find him exploring the great outdoors alongside his beloved Maltese puppy, Lulu. Whether hiking in picturesque locations like the Mornington Peninsula or immersing himself in the natural beauty of the You Yangs and Brimbank Park, Tabban‘s active pursuits mirror his dynamic approach to life.

Looking Back, Moving Forward:

As we reflect on Tabban’s journey, it is clear that his past experiences have shaped him into the dedicated real estate agent and community advocate he is today. His passion for serving his clients and his unwavering commitment to community engagement have established Create Real Estate as a trusted local agency in Sunshine. With each passing day, Tabban continues to embody the values that have defined his success, always striving to surpass his previous accomplishments.

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Steven Tabban, the passionate real estate agent and founder of Create Real Estate, has left an indelible mark on the Sunshine community. Through his commitment to exceptional service, community involvement, and his past involvement in council aspirations, Tabban continues to inspire those around him. As he looks back on his journey, his dedication to serving his clients and making a positive impact on the community remains unwavering.