Are you thinking of selling your property? Preparing for an open home can be stressful, especially if you do not know where to start and how to make your place look and feel like a beautiful home. If your property is competing against many similar properties in the area, how will your property stand out?


Here are some ways to prepare for an open home that will help attract buyers.

Pack, sort, and purge

Declutter. Eliminate at least half of your belongings as clutter can cost a sale. Organise all closets and drawers neatly as buyers might look behind closed doors. Depersonalise, remove items from closets and deep clean the entire place – you want buyers to be able to picture the property as their new home.

Lighten up the rooms

Buyers love bright big open spaces. Turn on the lights so your house looks warm and welcoming. Remove big dark furniture that fills up the space and replace them with something lighter and brighter. Buy cost-effective items that are practical and affordable. For display purposes, they can be cheap but stylish.

Fix basic maintenance issues

Small maintenance problems can be deal-breakers as they are very easy to spot. If you have any issues such as loose door handles, broken door or window locks, faulty exterior gates or blocked drains, make sure to get these issues fixed. Most of these problems are easy and affordable to fix but leaving them for the buyers to deal with can cost you more in the long run.

Fresh up with paint and carpet

First impressions matter. Cracked and dirty walls are not appealing, and a fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to bring life back to your home and make it look new again. Replace worn and dirty carpets. These small investments can help significantly increase your property’s value in the eyes of potential buyers.

Keep it ready to show

Until you accept an offer and it becomes unconditional, always keep your home in tip-top shape and ready for an inspection. You never know when a potential buyer might be interested in viewing the property.