Are you looking to sell your property and maximize its potential? Look no further than Create Real Estate, the leading real estate agency in Sunshine, Victoria. With their expertise in real estate appraisal, property sales, investment properties, real estate valuation, and property management, Create Real Estate has helped countless clients unlock the true value of their properties. In this blog post, we will explore some recently sold listings by Create Real Estate, showcasing their ability to create listings that truly get noticed. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets to a successful real estate listing!

1/41 Pennell Avenue, St Albans:

This charming property in St Albans captivated potential buyers with its modern features and ideal location. Create Real Estate showcased its unique selling points, such as the spacious living areas, contemporary kitchen, and proximity to local amenities. The comprehensive listing, accompanied by professional photographs and a captivating description, resulted in a swift sale.

2/5 Hinkler Street, Braybrook:

Create Real Estate showcased the potential of this Braybrook property, highlighting its versatility and investment value. The listing emphasized the property’s desirable features, including ample living space, well-appointed bedrooms, and convenient access to transportation and schools. By targeting homebuyers and investors, Create Real Estate ensured maximum exposure for the listing.

2/4 Balmoral Street, Braybrook:

Another standout property in Braybrook, 2/4 Balmoral Street, caught the attention of potential buyers with its contemporary design and exceptional value. Create Real Estate‘s well-crafted listing highlighted the property’s stylish interiors, low-maintenance backyard, and proximity to parks and shopping centers. The listing attracted a multitude of interested buyers, resulting in a successful sale.

27 Adelaide Street, St Albans:

Create Real Estate effectively presented this St Albans property’s unique character and potential to buyers seeking a family home. The listing highlighted the spacious layout, modern kitchen, and convenient location near schools and transport options. By focusing on the property’s family-friendly features, Create Real Estate successfully targeted the right audience and achieved a quick sale.

74 Theodore Street, St Albans:

Create Real Estate‘s expertise in real estate appraisal and property sales was evident in the listing for 74 Theodore Street. This well-maintained property appealed to buyers seeking a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. The listing showcased the property’s attractive facade, ample living spaces, and proximity to shops and public transport, ensuring it stood out in a competitive market.

9/12 George Street, Sunshine:

Create Real Estate knows how to create listings that captivate potential buyers and investors. The listing for 9/12 George Street highlighted the property’s affordable price, modern amenities, and proximity to essential services. With a comprehensive description and eye-catching visuals, Create Real Estate attracted many interested parties, leading to a successful sale.

3/12 George Street, Sunshine:

Create Real Estate‘s success in property sales extended to another listing on George Street. This well-presented property showcased a comfortable and low-maintenance lifestyle. The listing emphasized the convenient location, contemporary design, and affordable price, making it an attractive option for first-time homebuyers and investors.

38 Wattlebird Court, Sunshine North:

Create Real Estate‘s expertise in commercial properties and investment opportunities was evident in the listing for 38 Wattlebird Court. The comprehensive listing highlighted the property’s spacious layout, versatile usage options, and proximity to major transport routes and commercial hubs. Create Real Estate‘s attention to detail and market knowledge resulted in a successful sale of this prime commercial property.

201/7 Joseph Road, Footscray:

Create Real Estate‘s commitment to excellence in real estate valuation and property management was exemplified in the listing for 201/7 Joseph Road. This modern apartment offered a stylish and convenient urban lifestyle. The listing emphasized the property’s sleek design, premium finishes, and proximity to trendy cafes, restaurants, and public transportation. Create Real Estate‘s expertise in highlighting the unique features of this property that contributed to its successful sale.


Create Real Estate is your go-to agency for unlocking the potential of your property. Their expertise in real estate appraisal, property sales, investment properties, real estate valuation, and property management ensures that your listing will stand out in the competitive market. By analyzing the recently sold listings highlighted in this blog post, you can gain valuable insights into how Create Real Estate effectively creates listings that get noticed. Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash your property’s potential with Create Real Estate! Visit their website to explore their services and take the first step toward a successful property sale.